Facebook Communities for VIPKid Teachers

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Whether you are just getting started as a teacher for VIPKid, you are in the hiring process, or you are considering becoming a teacher, you may want to find communities of other teachers just like you.  Thanks to Facebook groups, there are many ways to connect with other teachers to learn more about what it’s like to be an online ESL teacher.  You can find useful information, advice, and support by joining Facebook communities for VIPKID teachers.

The great thing about Facebook groups is that if you are confused about something, need assistance, or you are looking for fresh ideas, you will find it in these groups.  There are groups for everything you could think of.  Groups that focus on rewards, props, traveling, taxes, feedback, newbies, etc.  You can even connect with other teachers in your own town by joining your local VIPKID Facebook group and attending meet ups.  (You can usually get free VIPKID swag at those meetups, too!  Win-win!)

Here are a few of the groups that I am a part of that I really feel have helped me:

VIPKid Google Slides Group (Official)

VIPKID – Videos & Props

VIPKid Education (Official VIPKid Group)

VIPKid Teachers Who Travel

VIPKID PAID I got paid! Did you get paid?!

VIPKID Props and Rewards

VIPKID Teachers Cricut/Silhouette Users

VIPkid Homeschoolers (unofficial fb site)

Introverted VIPKid Teachers

VIPKID Twisters – CamTwist Support

VIPKID Teachers – Digital Effect Users

VIPKID Newbie Support

VIPKID- All About Taxes ??


VIPKID Chinese – Say What??


To do your own search to look for groups that interest you, just type in VIPKID in the search bar on Facebook:


Then click on the button that says “Groups!”


Hope this helps!

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Facebook Groups for VIPKID Teachers

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