Christmas FAS (Find a Star) Reward

This is a free reward system to use for online VIPKID English teachers (ESL).  It can also be used as a reward system for Preschool or Elementary school teachers.  This reward is the FAS (Find a star) reward.

To use this reward, you cover up each of the boxes with a number (or other design, such as vocabulary word, letters, colors, etc.).

When it’s time to reward the student, you ask them to choose a number.  Then you reveal what’s under the number they choose.

Each time they find a star, they get a star on the VIPKid platform, as well.

Download, print, and laminate.

Important things to note before downloading our free printables:

  • The Remote Mom printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
  • You may not modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
  • If you post or share our content on the internet, please make sure to give proper credit to The Remote Mom, along with a link back to our blog.

Grab it here: Christmas FAS (Find-a-Star) Reward for Online Teachers

Check out our TPT store here to find 7 different FAS rewards for Christmas!


Christmas FAS Find-a-star Reward for online VIPKID teachers

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