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Work from Home Customer Service Positions [Ultimate Guide]

Learn how to get started with work from home customer service positions.

Work from home customer service positions jobs are a great career opportunity for those who want to work from home. At-home customer service jobs are now widespread, and many companies are hiring remote employees to fill these roles.

The proven benefits of working remotely are leading more people than ever before to seek work at home jobs. When you make the decision to leave an office job and find remote work, you might wonder what type of careers are available remotely.

The easiest work from home jobs to get started with are remote customer service jobs.  Entry level remote customer service jobs are a great way to start working from home with no experience and as a beginner, which makes them a popular choice.

They are also one of the best stay at home jobs for parents who are looking to work remotely.

Find out the job requirements and how to get started with this work from home position below.

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What are work from home customer service positions?

Work from home customer service positions typically consist of solving problems for customers and clients who need assistance. Work from home customer service positions offer a flexible work schedule and can be done from a home office.

A customer service team typically will answer questions about products and services.

They might answer billing questions or provide technical support. They might have to access a remote system to check their customers’ accounts.

The customer experience is very important and keeping a positive attitude during customer calls is a priority. You may have to deal with customer issues and these customer interactions may at times be unpleasant.

Customer service reps don’t necessarily need years of customer service to begin this home career. Each job will have their own requirements.

In most cases, work from home customer service jobs typically require you to work in shifts, and you will earn a hourly wage. You will be working for a specific company who hires agents from home. Your job may be part time or full time.

There are a variety of different types of work from home customer service positions. The most common form of this work requires you to take phone calls using a headset and to talk to customers directly over a landline phone.

The second most frequently seen type of work from home customer service jobs are live chat agents. These remote jobs do not require you to talk to the customer directly over the phone, but instead you will type messages through a chat forum in real-time.

Other customer service jobs might require you to talk to the customer through social media, email, or text.

How much money do customer service representatives make?

Customer service jobs typically pay anywhere from $10 – $23 per hour, according to salaries reported on Indeed. The average pay you can expect from customer service representative jobs is roughly $14.09 per hour.

The highest reported salaries were from customer service jobs with Amazon and Liberty Mutual Insurance. The highest paying cities for wah customer service jobs are reported to be in Chicago, Illinois, and New York, New York.

If your customer service job is in sales, then you may be eligible to earn money through commissions.

Most positions will be paid biweekly via direct deposit, but make sure to check with the company you are applying with to see their specific payment plan.

At-home customer service jobs can be part-time or full-time, making it a flexible gig for those looking for remote work.


What equipment do I need for an at-home customer service job?

In order to get started with an at-home customer service job, you will require a few things at your home.

The first and most important thing is a quiet workspace. At-home customer service jobs might not be the best fit for parents who have children at home.

You will need childcare in order to work your full shift, as it can be a fast-paced environment that requires your constant attention.

Other equipment that is needed for virtual customer service jobs are:

A high-speed internet connection that is connected through an ethernet cable. Many work at home positions that require internet will require an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, because it is more reliable.

A landline phone will be needed if you have a position that requires talking on the phone.

Noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone are also required for those who talk to customers directly. These headphones will help ensure that you have a quiet work environment.

You will also need a desktop computer or laptop.

This is just a list of basic requirements, and each company may have more items that are needed in order to complete the job from home.

What skills are needed for work from home customer service jobs?

Virtual customer service jobs require a specific skillset. In order to be successful with this work from home job, you should have the following:

Excellent communication skills to address customer concerns and keep the conversation positive.

Problem-solving skills to address customer complaints and issues.

Patience and the ability to stay calm when customers get upset or angry over the phone.

The ability to think quick on your feet when solving problems.

Empathy towards customers’ concerns to ensure the company stays in a positive light.

The ability to pass a background check.

Most positions will not require a college degree, but many do require a high school diploma.

You may have to complete training in order to get started depending on what role and what company you join. Some companies may require experience to get started, and some may require knowledge in certain subjects (I.T., finance, etc.).


How to find work from home customer service positions near me

You can find these positions by searching job boards online such as Indeed, or by going to a company’s website directly to search for their job openings. The companies listed below hire for work from home customer service positions frequently.

You can find work from home customer service jobs listed under many different titles, such as:

Remote customer service representative
Remote call center associate
Customer support representative
Customer service associate
Call center agent
Customer service agent
Remote customer support rep
Remote customer service rep
Customer service specialist
Data entry clerk

Companies hiring for remote customer service jobs from home

These businesses hire at-home customer service agents regularly and are a great place to get started on your career search.

ADT Security
Aetna – Aetna is owned by CVS Health. Scroll down the page, and click on Aetna Careers.
Amazon customer service jobs at home
American Express
Bank of America
Capital One
CVS Health
DICK’S Sporting Goods
Enterprise Holdings
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kelly Connect
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Live Ops
Mass Mutual
Omni Interactions, Inc.
Sutherland Global
U.S. Bank
United Health
Vipdesk Connect
Wells Fargo
Working Solutions

Work from home customer service positions are an ideal job opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home.

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work from home customer service positions

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