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Amazon Remote Jobs: The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Amazon remote jobs allow you to work from home for a highly reputable company.

Amazon remote jobs are becoming more popular with the advances in technology, along with the pandemic causing more people to work from home.

If you need an online job so that you can care for your children, or because you would like to travel or work remotely, then finding an Amazon work from home job could be the solution for you.

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What type of Amazon work from home positions are available?

Find more work at home job leads.

Amazon customer service at home jobs

Amazon work from home customer service jobs are entry level positions that are great for applicants who want an Amazon remote job but who may not have a higher degree or experience in a specific field.

The average salary is $15.43/hour based upon Indeed’s payscale for this role.

Amazon remote customer service jobs allow you to work from home, and require high speed internet and a phone line.  They will work to take calls and e-mails from customers about the status of their orders.

Amazon remote workers should be able to work in a fast-paced environment and multi-task.

You will be given scheduled shifts and need a quiet environment in order to work.  You also must be willing to work some weekends and holidays.

There is an opportunity to work overtime.  Hours may increase during peak seasons, such as the holiday season.

It’s easier to get hired for Amazon virtual customer service jobs near the holiday season as they increase the number of workers to meet the increase of demand.

Some of the different jobs available in this specific field are:

  • Account resolution specialist
  • Call center representative
  • Customer service representative
  • Customer service manager
  • Customer specialist
  • Customer support representative
  • Inbound call center representative
  • Support associate

and many more.

amazon work from home jobs

What are the best Amazon remote jobs are available?

Amazon offers a variety of remote jobs that go beyond customer service roles.

Some of the fields that have available positions include:

  • Solutions architect
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Account management
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Product management
  • Fulfillment and operations management
  • Operations, IT, and support engineering
  • Human resources
  • Facilities, maintenance, and real estate
  • Leadership development and training
  • Supply chain/transportation management
  • Data science
  • Design
  • Systems, quality, and security engineering
  • Medical, health, and safety
  • Business intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Investigation and loss prevention
  • Finance and global business services
  • Editorial, writing, and content management
  • Hardware development
  • Research science
  • Economics
  • Public relations and communications
  • Administrative support
  • Buying, planning, and instock management
  • Database administration
  • Machine learning science

Some of their work from home jobs are partially remote jobs, which means that some of the work can be done at home and the rest must be done in the office.

Another example of a work from home job that may be popular for those wishing to work online is their Catalog Specialist position for Prime Video.

Do you have a passion for movies and television?

This job requires 2-3 years of professional work experience, experience with MS Excel and Word, detail-oriented, comfort with watching video content that contains violence, mature content, substance abuse, etc., and a fluency in either Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or German.

While they prefer a Bachelor’s Degree, it is not required.  Experience with Share point and ticketing systems is preferred.

Amazon work from home jobs for military spouses and veterans

Amazon does have remote jobs for the military.  Whether you are a veteran who is transitioning out of the military or a military spouse or dependent, Amazon remote career opportunities are available for you.

Many military spouses find it hard to establish a career when they are frequently moving from place to place.  With an online job, military spouses can work from home with or without a degree.

Then when it is time for their family to PCS, their job can move with them.

Amazon also has flexible jobs available for military children.  For children who are 18+ with a high school degree or its equivalent, you can find a flexible job by working in a virtual customer service role, working at a fulfillment center, or driving for Amazon Flex.

Find jobs for military: veterans, military spouses and military children.

Amazon at home jobs for students

If you are an undergrad or graduate student who is currently studying but looking for full-time or part-time work, then you may be interested in knowing that Amazon has special programs for students to gain experience.

They actively recruit for college students who are interested in internships or full-time positions including but not limited to software development engineers, financial analysts, sales specialists, operations managers, product managers, and many more.

To see if an online job is currently available, check their list of opportunities for students.

Where to apply for remote jobs with Amazon:

You can follow the below to apply to get started with Amazon work from home careers:

  • Go to Amazon’s virtual job page.
  • Filter results by:
  • Job type: Full time, part time, seasonal
  • Job category
  • Cities
  • Business Category (Fulfillment, Human Resources, etc.)
  • Category (Work from Home, Corporate, Fulfillment, Customer Service)
how to apply to amazon remote jobs

how to apply to amazon work from home jobs


How do I work from home for one of Amazon’s subsidiaries?

Did you know that Amazon offers virtual pharmacy positions with its subsidiary company, PillPack?  Or that they have a variety of other subsidiaries that are part of their business?
With companies includes such as Audible, IMDb, Twitch, Whole Foods Market, and more; you can find remote jobs with one of their family companies.

Check out the full list of companies that are part of Amazon’s subsidiaries and apply for a virtual job.  These are great opportunities to begin Amazon remote careers.

Other remote jobs at Amazon that are available, but not well known:

Become an Amazon influencer to work from home 

It’s the age of influencers and many millennials are finding success building brands on social media.

If you have a substantial following on a social media network such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, you can apply to become an Amazon influencer.

What is an Amazon influencer? 

An Amazon influencer is someone who uses their social media following to promote products for Amazon.

Each influencer will get their own URL (amazon.com/shop/username) that will feature products that they recommend or may promote.

For example; a fashion influencer on Instagram might have a link in their bio leading to their Amazon storefront, which might feature their favorite clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories that relate to their brand.

If a customer visits that page and makes a purchase, then the Amazon influencer will get compensated with a small commission from that sale for promoting the product.

In order to be eligible for this job, you must currently have an active social media account to apply.  They will approve your account based on the number of followers you have and other specific metrics.

This is one of the most exciting virtual jobs that are available.

Learn more about the Amazon influencer program.

Check out a list of the top influencers.

Remote jobs at Amazon with Amazon Associates – affiliate marketing program

Similarly to the Amazon influencer program, the Amazon Associates program allows brands to promote or recommend Amazon products and programs.

For example, our website is part of the Amazon Associates program.

This means that if I link to an Amazon product in one of my posts, then an user clicks on that link that takes them to Amazon, and they make a purchase – that I would make money online by earning a small commission of that sale.

You can earn up to 10% in commission from purchases and programs that qualify.

The Amazon Associates program is great for content creators, publishers, and bloggers. You must have a website or mobile app to join.

Learn more about Amazon Associates.

Work at home with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or mTurk, was one of the first online jobs I tried when I started to work from home.  And quite honestly, I made barely anything from it.

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing website that allows businesses to hire for virtual micro tasks done by crowd workers.

While the idea sounds great, many of the tasks for beginners pay only in the range of $.01 per task.

The idea is that once you have completed so many of the low-paying tasks, that you will be given access to the high paying tasks.

Some people do make money off of this job.  There’s even an entire Reddit devoted to finding the high paying Turks.

Check out mTurk to get started as a crowdworker.

amazon work from home jobs

Sell on Amazon FBA to make money from home

If you have ever ordered a product from Amazon Prime, then you know that you get two-day free shipping, and that there is a wide variety of product choices on their site.

Did you know that you could become a seller on Amazon, too?  Working for Amazon at home as a seller is a popular choice for many who are making substantial money with this virtual job.

By joining their program, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can choose a product to sell and let Amazon do the work for you.

This is a great virtual job available so that you can make extra money from home.

How do I sell on Amazon FBA?

Set up an account with Amazon FBA
Create your product listings
Prepare your products for shipment
Ship your products to a local warehouse
Watch your products be sold on Amazon Prime

The great part of selling with Amazon is that they will store all of your inventory, ship it to your customers, as well as deal with customer service issues and any returns.

Learn more about how to get started selling on Amazon FBA.

Other flexible Amazon jobs that are not Amazon remote jobs

Amazon jobs working from home are a perfect fit for parents, travelers, and those who just would prefer to work remotely.  However, Amazon does offer other jobs with flexible schedules that may also be a good choice for you.

What is Amazon Flex?

While being a delivery driver is not a remote position, it is a job that offers a lot of flexibility.

As a driver for Amazon Flex, you will deliver packages using your own vehicle.  The pay ranges from $18-25/hour, and you can set your own schedule making it a flexible side job.

This job requires drivers to be 21 years old, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, have a mid-sized or larger vehicle, and own an iPhone or Android smartphone to download their app.

The Flex program is not operating nationwide in the U.S. and currently only is available in these cities.

Learn more about driving for Amazon Flex here.


How do I shop for Amazon Prime Now?

Amazon Prime Now is a program that is available to Amazon Prime customers in certain locations.

This program allows customers to order their food from Whole Foods Market and have it delivered to their house in 2 hours.

As a shopper for Amazon Prime Now you would get the order from the customer, do the shopping, message the customer to discuss any out of stock products and possible substitutions, and then pack the groceries up for the delivery driver to take to their house.

Shoppers do not deliver the food to the customer.

While this isn’t a remote position, it is a flexible job that allows you to work part-time around your schedule.

Shoppers make $15-22/hour.  Learn more about how to shop for Amazon.

We hope this article helped you learn more about Amazon remote jobs from home that are available today, as well as other flexible jobs.


Instacart Shopper – You can either shop in-store for others, or you can choose to do both the shopping and delivery. The great part about being an Instacart shopper is that you can make your own schedule and get paid weekly!

Survey Taker – Take some online surveys in your spare time to create some extra income. This won’t be a full-time opportunity but can generate a little extra cash.

Rover – Pet Sitter – Get paid to play with pets. As a pet sitter, you can set your own schedule and prices. You can offer pet boarding, dog walking, doggy daycare, house sitting, or drop-in visits. And – you get paid two days after you complete your service!

Get started with Amazon remote jobs today to start working from home.

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