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How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (+10 Easy Ways to Find Work)

Learn all about how to become a real estate virtual assistant to see if it’s the remote job for you.

One of the first work-from-home jobs I had while working full-time in the medical industry was as a real estate virtual assistant.  I was able to work from home and make extra money on the side of my 9-5 job as a surgical technician and payroll clerk.

As a busy single mom who worked full-time and was also finishing up my college degree, I wasn’t exactly searching for a second part-time job.

But sometimes an opportunity falls in your lap when you least expect it to.

One of my neighbors was a friend and a real estate agent who saw how hard I worked as a single mom.  He was also getting tied down by all of his paperwork and administrative tasks.  He saw it as a win-win by asking me to work for him part-time.

By delegating some of his work load to me, he was able to increase his revenue by spending more time focusing on his clients, as well as getting more listings and buyers.

After he spent some time training me, I was able to do my work from my own home, on my own time as long as I met his deadlines.

This is a great work-from-home opportunity for those interested in becoming a virtual assistant or who have an interest in real estate.

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Let’s find out more about what exactly a real estate virtual assistant does.


real estate virtual assistants

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who does specific tasks for a person or business while working from home.  There are an unlimited variety of tasks that a virtual assistant may be hired to do.

Virtual assistants can work in many roles.  Some companies may be searching for a VA to do general administrative work, while other companies might look for a virtual assistant in a more niche position (such as real estate).

Working as a virtual assistant has many benefits, and the demand for these workers has only increased due to the pandemic.

As a real estate virtual assistant (or any other field), you can work remotely from your home.

The ability to work a flexible schedule makes this career a great pick for stay-at-home moms and dads, those looking to work from home, those who may want to supplement a full-time job, and even travelers. (You can work from anywhere!  From a Starbucks café in your city to a beach in Hawaii!)

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virtual assistant in real estate - work from anywhere


What does a virtual assistant in real estate do?

A virtual assistant in real estate can do many different tasks, dependent on what their employer requires of them.  Some of the most common tasks that virtual assistants may do are:

  • Calendar management
  • Researching leads and potential listings
  • Social media management, to include setting up social media profiles, creating and scheduling posts, creating and running advertisements, and engaging with the audience
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Content creation, to include writing and publishing SEO optimized posts, as well as creating infographics 
  • Marketing, to include creating online marketing campaigns as well as creating and sending out (digital and print) flyers and mailers to potential clients
  • Creating spreadsheets, PowerPoints, buyer’s packets
  • Cold calling (this would usually be done be a virtual assistant with experience as an inside sales agent)
  • Creating e-mail blasts and newsletters
  • Phone support
  • Administrative support
  • Updating the MLS, including uploading listings on other websites such as Zillow, Trulia, etc.
  • Uploading photos and creating virtual tours
  • Setting up meetings
  • Responding to e-mails and networking with local businesses
  • Filing
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading
  • Communicating and following up with agents, buyers and sellers
  • CRM management
  • Bookkeeping and transaction management

There is a lot of work that must be done by real estate agents in order to keep things running smoothly.

By outsourcing some of these tasks to a virtual assistant, they can spend more of their time at showings and work on getting more listings and prospective clients to increase their income.  They can also have more time to spend at home with their families.

Because of the potential for more revenue, many real estate agents are willing to pay a virtual assistant to do these time-consuming tasks.  According to Best of Budgets*, a virtual assistant can save a business up to 78% on operating costs each year compared to a full-time employee.

By choosing to hire a virtual assistant in real estate, the agent saves money by only paying the employee for the tasks that they need them for, as well as from them working remotely from their own home instead of in an office.

What are the requirements to become a virtual assistant in real estate?

A virtual assistant in real estate should have a high school diploma, or its equivalent, in most cases.  As a virtual assistant, you should have a strong internet connection.  Virtual assistants must be self-motivated and organized due to the nature of their job.

In order to stay competitive, you should have knowledge with real estate laws and procedures.  Some employers may provide on the job training for those who have relevant experience in other skills that they are looking for.

How much does a real estate virtual assistant make?

A real estate assistant may be paid on a hourly basis.  According to Indeed*, the average real estate virtual assistant makes $15.67/hour, with some cities such as Denver, CO, paying up to $21.39/hour.

Some virtual assistants may be paid by task, depending on the employer.  They would be considered freelance virtual assistants, and may possibly be hired as independent contractors.

The more experience and skills you have to offer, such as being an ISA, or having experience in real estate, digital marketing, bookkeeping, etc., the more you can charge if you are working as a freelance virtual assistant or independent contractor.

With experienced skills such as digital marketing, SEO, and bookkeeping, you can charge anywhere from $25-50/hour.

You can also charge per task.  The harder the task, for example: working on content creation, keyword research, and optimizing posts for SEO; the more you can charge.

How do you become a real estate virtual assistant?

There are many ways to get started as a virtual assistant in the field of real estate.

You can apply to work for a network that matches you with a client, or you can work as a freelance virtual assistant.

You can apply to jobs directly through job boards such as Indeed.

You can also apply at local real estate agencies, or reach out to real estate agents to see if they are looking for extra help.

Real estate VA jobs – where to find them

Here are a few networks that you can sign up with that will match you with a client:

You can find remote work by searching a job board:

You can also sign up on a freelance platform and work remotely for multiple clients at once.

Here are some great examples of some real estate virtual assistants who have profiles on Upwork to get an idea of how to create your own profile.

Watch this interview with a real estate virtual assistant, who explains more about how to get started with this remote career.

Start your remote career as a real estate virtual assistant today!

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