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22 Flexible Jobs for Moms to Bring in Extra Cash

Check out these 22 flexible jobs for moms to earn extra cash.

Are you looking for flexible jobs for moms?

Are you looking for a way to make extra money so you can stay at home with your kids?

Or maybe you are looking for extra income ideas for working moms.

There are many reasons you may want to find a flexible job, whether from home, or outside of the home.  You might want to:

  • Save for a vacation
  • Save for a large expense
  • Increase your family’s income
  • Save for your children’s college or your retirement
  • Have extra money for activities and entertainment
  • Stay home with your kids and make money online
  • Etc…

Luckily, in today’s day and age, the options are endless.  You can learn how to stay at home with your kids and contribute to your family’s income.

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash, check out our list below of great side hustles for moms.

Not all of these options will replace a full-time income.  However, some of these options can lead to great careers for those who want to work at home.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through my links. This is at no extra cost to you. View our full disclosure here.

22 Flexible Jobs for Moms

Shop for Instacart.

Instacart lets customers place their orders for groceries, food, or alcohol through their app.  Then drivers go to their local grocery store, and do the shopping for them, and possibly the delivery of those items.

As a driver for Instacart, you have the option to get paid instantly after each job.  You could earn up to $25/hour with this side hustle idea for moms.

As a shopper for Instacart, you can choose to work as a full service shopper that shops and delivers the items.

Or you have the option to just be an in-store shopper, and get paid hourly.

Working for a delivery app is one of the best side hustles for moms because it’s super flexible and you can choose when you want to work.

Get started as a shopper for Instacart.


Deliver food for Door Dash

Similar to Postmates, being a driver for Door Dash requires you to pick up food from a local restaurant and deliver it to a customer, using their app.  They let you keep the entire delivery fee, as well as the tip.

Earn up to $25/hour driving for Door Dash.  The more you drive, the more you earn.

This is one of the best side jobs for stay-at-home moms to make extra cash with by only working a few hours a week.

Become a driver for Door Dash.

Teach English online

Online teaching is one of my favorite ways to earn money from home and it pays pretty well (up to $24/hour).  You teach English online to students in China in the early morning or late evening hours using a platform similar to Skype.

There are many companies out there but the best companies are Qkids and VIPKid.  I have worked as an ESL teacher for these companies since the summer of 2018 and they are 100% legit.

The high pay of this side hustle is just an added bonus to waking up to see those adorable kids everyday.

Becoming a teacher does require you to have a bachelor’s degree (in any subject), and 1 year of experience with children.

It is important to mention any experience of working with children in your application.  This can include mentoring, coaching, tutoring, homeschooling, teaching, helping with homework, etc.  If it is not included then you will not pass the initial application review.

It is important to mention any experience of working with children in your application.  This can include mentoring, coaching, tutoring, homeschooling, teaching, helping with homework, etc.  If it is not included then you will not pass the initial application review.

Due to the new regulations in China, they are now requiring the TESOL certification, as well, for those that do not have a degree in Education.  VIPKid includes their own TESOL certification for free at the end of their hiring process.

You can earn a TESOL easily for less than $20 through International Open Academy with their 120-Hour TESOL Certificate

This is one of my favorite ways to earn money because teaching these kids is so much fun and you grow a deep bond with your students.

And I do not have a background in teaching nor had I ever taught before I worked as an online ESL teacher.

All of the lesson plans and games are laid out for you.  And they have a lot of great resources to help you get started.

Both companies have a thorough hiring process, with Qkids being a little bit easier to get on board with.  If you are looking to get on board quickly with one of these companies, Qkids would be the fastest to start with.

You would be able to get a filled schedule from the beginning because the company books the classes for you based on your availability.

With VIPKID, you create a profile and then the parents choose their teachers.  Some teachers get a full schedule from the start while others may take longer to book classes.

As a teacher for both of these companies, I would be happy to answer any further questions if you leave a comment below!  Teaching English online is one of the most popular side hustles for stay at home moms because you work around your kids’ schedule and it pays well.

Become a teacher for VIPKid.
Become a teacher for Qkids.


Teach online classes to children ages 3-18

Have you ever heard of Outschool?  We are a homeschool family and frequently take classes on their platform.

Outschool offers courses in a wide variety of subjects including the formal subjects of language arts, social studies, math, and science.

But they also offer extracurricular courses such as coding, world languages, art, music, life skills, technology, health, and more.  (Some examples of class titles are “Harry Potter and the Wizard Writing Class, Wilderness Survival Skills 101, Video Game Design (Beginner Coding), American Government and Politics,” and more.)

You do not need a formal teaching degree in order to become a teacher on their platform, but they do require a background check.  Teachers must be a resident in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.

You are in control of the class price and number of participants for each class, and Outschool takes a fee from what you make for each class. This makes this side hustle for moms one of the highest paying side hustle ideas for moms that you can find online.

You can teach a class one time, or it can be a weekly or monthly class.  You will instruct online, live classes through Zoom.

Become a teacher with Outschool.


Babysit or Nanny

This can include babysitting for friends and neighbors, becoming a nanny for a family, or even working in the childcare center at your local gym or daycare.  A lot of local gyms and churches allow their employees to bring their child to work with them in the childcare center.

That makes it a great opportunity for stay-at-home Moms who want to bring in extra income for their families but don’t want to leave their kids.  You can ask friends if they need a sitter, as well as sign up at sites such as Sitter City.

This is one of the few side jobs for moms that lets you bring your children with you while you work!


Open an in-home daycare

The requirements for opening a childcare facility in your home vary from state to state, but this is a great at home job for parents.  You get to stay at home with your own kiddos while watching a few extra kids during the day.

Then you make extra cash and your kids make friends, too!  This is a great side business for stay at home moms that can become a full-time business depending on the hours you decide to work.


jobs for moms that are flexible and legit


Blogging is a great way to earn a full-time income from your home while doing something you love. This is one of the most flexible stay at home mom side hustles for those who want to work from home.

But blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.  You have to put in many hours of hard work, but if you do, you will see it pay off.

We have a step-by-step post about how to start a blog here. It goes into detail about how to set up your blog, as well as steps to get you started with creating posts.  We also discuss different ways to monetize your website and how to choose a niche that will earn you money.

Blogging is one of those side gigs for stay at home moms that has the potential to earn quite a bit of money, depending on your niche and how hard you work.

It is also one of the best side jobs for working moms because it has the ability to eventually replace your 9-5 job.

Start your own blog here.

18 Amateur Blogging Mistakes to Avoid


Sell used items from around the house

Every year, I like to do a purge of things in our house.  I go through the kids’ clothes, toys, shoes, books, and other items that are gently used and can be re-used.  Then I sell the items at a yard sale or our local consignment shop.

I have also sold all of my maternity clothing on E-bay and made a good return.  (Ebay is great for selling and buying gently used maternity clothes).

Some other places that you can sell items are Craig’s List, Facebook marketplace, Amazon, and the apps Offerup and Letgo.

Remember to always meet potential buyers in public, well-lit places to ensure you are safe if using websites such as Craig’s List or Facebook marketplace to sell your items.

Although this isn’t one of the most consistent jobs for moms, you can make some extra money by doing this a few times a year.

This makes it one of the best side hustles for working moms and stay at home moms alike.


Take online surveys

You won’t get rich with this one, but you will be able to generate a little bit of extra cash or gift cards for shopping.  Make sure that you complete the questionnaires out honestly so they can match you with more surveys so you can earn more money.

Taking surveys is a good way to earn a little bit of cash because you can do it while you’re at home binge-watching your favorite show or playing with your kids.

Some legit companies that I recommend are: Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

With Swagbucks you will also be able to earn free gift cards by watching videos and playing games, as well as taking surveys on their site.  They also give you a free $5 to start when you sign up.

This is one of many favorite side hustle ideas for moms because you can easily fill out some surveys while doing other things, and then make some extra cash to pay for your Starbucks habit or going out to eat.


Work from home as a proofreader

If you are a grammar pro, you have the potential to earn a decent living wage as a proofreader.  Proofreaders review the final draft of books and other documents to check their grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other typographical errors.

You must enjoy reading because you will be doing a lot of it.  You could work for a business or you could build your own business as a freelance proofreader.

We love finding work-at-home jobs for moms because they are so flexible and let moms earn an income while staying at home with their kids.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, then you should check out a free webinar, Proofread Anywhere to get started.

This webinar will go into detail about all of the skills needed to build your business and find your clients.

Check out the free webinar here.


Try your hand at transcription

Transcription is a great way to earn money from home.  It involves listening to audio files and typing out what you hear.

You must have a good headset, computer, and be able to type quickly.  While the job can be monotonous at times, it’s a fairly simple job once you get the hang of it.

Occasionally, it may be hard to understand an accent during transcription.  Even though you can do this at home, you do want to make sure you are working in a quiet environment to efficiently do your job.

If you have no experience with transcription, check out this free transcription mini-course to get you started.

Check out our list of online transcription jobs you can start without experience.


Sell your services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services to others as a freelancer.

If you are great at graphic design, writing, video editing, coding, marketing, or many other services, then you have the opportunity to sell them through Fiverr.

You choose your price starting at $5 – $995.  When you complete gigs, you get paid.  Work as much or as little as you want, making these one of the most convenient jobs for moms.

Check out Fiverr here.


flexible jobs for moms from home

Make and sell crafts: most creative side hustle jobs for moms

If you have a talent for creating products, then selling your crafts could be the key to making extra money for Christmas.

If you own a Cricut or Silhouette, the options are endless as to what you can create.  I LOVE my Sihouette Cameo.  I can make decals, wooden signs, decorations for my home, T-shirts, and so much more.  You could easily create these items and sell them.

If you are great at knitting, you could create blankets or clothing to sell.  If you can paint, then you could sell your art work.  The options are endless as to what you can create.

You could open up an Etsy store and sell your items on there.  You could also visit craft markets in your town and sell your items at a booth there.

Many parents consider this to be one of the best side hustles for stay at home moms because they love what they do and it is very flexible.


Make and sell digital printables

Similarly to selling your crafts, if you have a knack for graphic design, you could create printables.  You could open a store on Etsy where there is a huge market for printables.  From quotes, to bible verses, there are many different ideas you could profit from.

You could also open up a Shopify store to earn more money from your digital goods.


Sell educational lesson plans and printables

Are you a teacher, homeschool parent, online teacher or just a parent who loves to make printables and worksheets for your students?  I love making rewards for VIPKid, as well as worksheets and fun games for my kids who I homeschool.

One way that I bring in some passive income is by selling them online through Teachers Pay Teachers.

I just recently started selling my items on there but I found a major boom during Halloween for my Halloween Bingo and VIPKid rewards.  At this time of year, you can make really good money making lesson plans and worksheets aimed towards the holiday season.  Make Thanksgiving BINGO or Christmas matching, etc.  They sell quickly!

Check out Teachers Pay Teachers here.


Flexible side hustles for moms

Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is something I did for awhile when I first became a stay-at-home Mom.  It didn’t bring in a huge amount of money but I was able to make about $60-100/month for a minimum amount of my time.

To become a mystery shopper, you will visit stores, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, car dealerships, and many other types of businesses under the guise that you are shopping.  While you are there, you may have to take photos of specific products and answer questions about the store’s appearance and the customer service.

You may be required to ask specific questions to the store employees and mark down what they say.  Of course, since you are “mystery shopping,” the idea is that you are undercover.  So you don’t let them know.

Then when you leave, you will go home and fill out your paperwork to submit for your payment.

This is a relatively simple gig to earn some extra cash.  It’s great when you get jobs at restaurants or movie theaters, because then you are getting paid to do the things you enjoy!

The great part about being a mystery shopper is that you can bring your kids with you, making this one of the most flexible jobs for moms.

Apply to be a mystery shopper with Bestmark or Trendsource.


Test out websites

With Usertesting, you get paid to evaluate websites and apps, and give your opinion and feedback.  They pay $10 per test and can take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

The number of tests you receive will depend upon where you live and how well you do rating their tests.

You won’t make a huge amount of money, but it’s some extra cash to go towards those Christmas presents.  They pay you through Paypal.

Check out Usertesting.com.


Evaluate search engine results and online advertisements

This is another way that I have earned money from home.  I have been an online rater, which means I would get paid to evaluate the accuracy and relevancy of search engine results and landing pages.

There are three big companies that offer these positions, with jobs ranging from Search Engine Evaluator, to Ads Evaluator, and more.  Ads Evaluator (another role I’ve held in the past) will examine different online advertisements to see how effective they are and how well they match the guidelines set forth by the company.

This is one of the best side hustles for moms because unlike other work-at-home positions, you can do this with your kids in the room with you, and can take breaks if needed.

They typically allow you to work up to 25 hours per week depending on your position, with a minimum of at least ten.  These companies pay up to $15/hour.

The work can get boring at times, but you can’t beat making money from home while taking as many breaks as needed to feed and play with your kids.

Of these “big 3” companies, Appen is currently rated as the number one work-at-home job for Forbes for 2019.  Appen offers many different positions, but the one with the most earning potential are their hourly rating and social media positions.

Some of these positions do require an exam to be considered for their roles.  This is one of the top jobs for moms who want to bring in a part-time income while staying at home with their kids.

Apply to Appen, Lionbridge, or Isoftstone.

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Pick up part-time shifts as a server at a local restaurant.

Servers can work a few hours each shift in the evenings and take home a decent amount of pay.  If you work at a fine dining establishment, then you have the potential to earn bigger tips.

If you enjoy customer service and working with a team of others, this could be a great side hustle to make extra cash for the holidays.

The great part of this side gig, is that you typically can take your cash tips home each night instead of waiting for a payday every two weeks.  It is also a great way to make more friends.


Become a bartender

If you know how to properly mix drinks, then this has the potential to earn a lot of money.  You could work one or two shifts a week, or work more hours depending on your schedule.  Clubs and high-scale restaurants will earn you the most cash.

You must have great people skills and be willing to work late nights to be successful with this job.  But on busy nights, you could go home with hundreds of dollars if you are working at the right place.  This is one of the highest paying jobs for moms.

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Take care of pets

If you love dogs and cats, then why not get paid to watch them.  Join Rover to dogsit or catsit for other families.  If you offer pet boarding services (caring for an animal overnight in your own home), you earn the most.

You can also be paid to walk dogs, check in on pets at their homes, and stay with pets at their own home or at your house.

This is a great side gig if you are an animal lover.  You set your preferences for which animals you would like to watch, pick your hours, and then customers can choose you through the app.

You can earn up to $1,000/month doing something you love.

Check out Rover here.


Recommended money saving tools

Earn cash back through every online purchase with Rakuten.  A rebate site that lets you shop at your favorite stores and earn cash back on every eligible purchase.  They also help you find any promo codes and coupons available and apply them to your purchase.  Get $20 to start at Rakuten by signing up with our link here. (Limited time only through my link).

Undebt.it is our favorite free tool to keep track of your debt payments and progress using an online spreadsheet.

Another great resource is to use $5 Meal Plan.  With $5 Meal Plan you get a pre-made weekly meal plan and shopping list to help you save time and money with your grocery shopping.

Grab your free credit score to stay up to date with your financial health.  Sign up for Credit Sesame.

Ibotta earns you cash back anytime you shop online or at brick-and-mortar stores such as grocery stores, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Domino’s, Petco, Sephora, Target, Gap, REI, and many more.  Sign up for Ibotta to start earning money back today.


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I hope that our list of these flexible jobs for moms will help you earn money on your schedule.

If you have tried one of the above ideas, leave us a comment to tell us how you liked it!



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  1. I was wondering if the TEFL and TESOL certificates aren’t the same and if they can be used interchangeably. I am interested in teaching English with either VIPKIDS or WKIDS. I taught high school English for 18 years. I wanted to know if it would be better to get my TESOL or TEFL certificate before I applied to either of these companies. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Shelley!

      When you go through the hiring process with VIPKid, they will have you do their own TESOL certificate (for free) with them after you get hired before you start teaching classes.

      For Qkids, they require a teaching degree OR any of the following teaching certificates: TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL.

      If your teaching license is still active, then you will not be required to get any extra certificates.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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