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Lionbridge Review (Now Telus International) [7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Rater]

Our Lionbridge review will give you insight on how to get started working from home for a reputable remote company.

Lionbridge is a great company to find remote jobs for those who may want to earn extra cash from home. This Lionbridge review will give you a valuable inside look at what it’s really like to work from home for Lionbridge Technologies.

Lionbridge Smart Crowd work-from-home jobs are flexible and allow you to work on your own schedule on a part-time basis.  The pay is hourly and the work is fairly easy, although it can be boring at times.

UPDATE 2021: Lionbridge jobs for Google have now transitioned over to Telus International.  Find a Telus International job by applying here.  Some positions can still be found on the Lionbridge career page here.

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Let’s begin our Lionbridge review. Work from home jobs at Lionbridge are a great opportunity for those looking for remote work.

What is Lionbridge?

Lionbridge specializes in translation, linguistics, AI, and data quality services.  With their main office based out of Massachusetts, USA; they also have offices in 26 countries around the world and offer services in over 350 languages.

Lionbridge reviews: Is Lionbridge legit?  Is Lionbridge a scam?

So is Lionbridge a legit company?  Yes!

Unlike other reviews on the web, I have actual experience working for them as a former employee and can tell you that Lionbridge jobs are not a scam.

I have been working for Lionbridge as an US Rater since October of 2019 and have been paid each month on time for my work.  Because of my background as an employee, I feel that I am able to contribute my honest opinion to this Lionbridge review.

Lionbridge has also been prominently featured on many Forbes’ lists* including, One of America’s Best Large Employers (based on anonymous employee feedback), 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America, and the most recent list of Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs.

What Lionbridge remote jobs are available?

Lionbridge offers many flexible positions that can be done from home on your own schedule.  Simply log into the portal at any time of day that is convenient for you and start to work.

Some of the Lionbridge online jobs available are:

  • Rater
  • Work from Home Ads Assessor
  • Social Media Assessor
  • Web Content Assessor
  • Online Maps Quality Analyst
  • Internet Safety Evaluator
  • Multimedia Judge
  • Translator
  • Interpreter

What does a Rater for Lionbridge do?

Each job fulfills different responsibilities.  For the social media positions, you will be evaluating ads and posts from Facebook or Instagram.

For an online maps quality analyst, you will be evaluating online mapping tools for accuracy.  As an ads evaluator, you would be rating ad quality.

For roles such as a Lionbridge Rater, Web Content Assessor, or Search Engine Evaluator, you will be evaluating the relevancy and accuracy of search engine results, as well as search results from other mediums such as videos, maps, photos, audio recordings, etc.

You are basically quality assurance for different modes of content that is found online.

The job itself is fairly easy once you understand their rating guidelines, although it can be tedious at times.  Overall, it was a positive experience for a work-at-home job.

Find more detailed information on search engine evaluation positions.

How much does Lionbridge pay per hour?

Most positions pay an hourly rate ranging anywhere from about $12-$15/hour.  You may also be eligible for a 401k with the company.  They do not offer insurance benefits as these are part-time jobs.

Some jobs require you to be an independent contractor, which means you are not an employee of Lionbridge and must pay your own taxes.

Raters are employees of Lionbridge, as well as many of the other positions.

These jobs are paid hourly and many have a minimum and maximum number of hours you can work each week. For my job as an US Rater, we are only eligible to work 10-20 hours per week, and up to 24 hours a week on occasion.

Some of the social media jobs require anywhere from 1-4 hours of work, five to seven days per week, depending on which role you acquire.

It’s important to remember that these jobs are part-time and are unlikely to replace a full-time income.  However, you are able to apply for more than one position at Lionbridge at the same time and work forty hours a week to earn more money.

How often does Lionbridge pay?

The most important part of a Lionbridge review would be to discuss their salary information.  The Lionbridge payment schedule differs from job to job.

As an US Rater for Lionbridge, you are paid bi-weekly on Fridays for the previous two weeks of work.  The work week starts on Sundays and goes through Saturday.  They pay you through direct deposit to your bank.

If your job requires you to be an independent contractor instead of an employee, then you will be paid once a month through direct deposit.

What requirements do you need to work for Lionbridge?

A high school diploma or GED qualification, strong internet connection, and reliable anti-virus software are the main requirements needed for many of the jobs available.

Specific positions may have additional requirements beyond these such as active social media accounts, fluency in the language of the country you are applying to work in, knowledge of culture and current events in your locale, and further education requirements.

Do I recommend working at Lionbridge?: My Lionbridge Review

Lionbridge is a great part-time job to earn income from home on your own schedule.  I love the flexibility the position requires because I can log into the rater hub app during my spare time and work as long as I track my time.

This makes it a great job for parents, students, travelers, and anyone looking for extra work to make money.

To adequately address my personal Lionbridge review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to working from home for Lionbridge.

Pros of Lionbridge jobs:

Working for Lionbridge was a good experience and a great side hustle to earn money on the side. Here are some of the pros:

Ability to work from home
Good hourly pay
Higher compensation than companies with similar jobs (Appen and ISoftStone)
Non-phone positions
Jobs available worldwide
Opportunity to enroll in 401k
No childcare required to work

Cons of Lionbridge work at home jobs:

Unpaid training & exam
There may be a limited amount of new tasks around holidays and not enough work at times.  There is no guarantee on work being available.
The roles require you to be independent workers which could be pro or con, depending on how much support you need.
The earning potential is limited because it is a part-time job without much room to climb higher.

The exam is the biggest con to the job but the Rater exam tends to be more difficult than the exams for different positions.  I do not know the difficulty level of the other exams, or if exams are even required for different roles available.

Lionbridge review: 7 Reasons why I love working from home for Lionbridge

  1. I work from home
  2. I can work with my kids in the room and attend to them if needed while working
  3. The pay is above average
  4. I learn new things about current events and my interests through my work tasks
  5. I am able to contribute to my family’s income while staying at home with my kids
  6. If we travel, I can continue to work as long as I do not work on a public network
  7. It is one of the few non-phone work at home jobs that are easy to start

Lionbridge application process:

The hiring process may take a week or two.  To get started, you will fill out the application online.

If they decide to go forward with your application, then you will be required to take an exam (if your position requries it).  If you pass the exam, then you will move forward with onboarding and beginning to work.

How long does the Lionbridge exam take?

You are given 7 days to take the Lionbridge Rater exam.  They give you the study materials needed to take the exam, based on the job you are applying for.

The Rater exam has 3 parts and many people fail the exam on their first attempt.  They do give you a second chance to re-test if you do not pass the exam the first time.

The first part of the exam is theoretical and contains multiple choice questions that can be answered using the guidelines, but it does have a limit on the amount of time you can spend on it.  (90 minutes per page of this exam).

The second part of the exam tests for page quality.  They give you seven different websites and you must evaluate the page quality for each URL based on the guidelines that you studied.  After choosing the page quality of your choice, you must also write a sentence or two giving your explanation for the rating.

The last part of the exam (and the hardest part) is the needs met component.

Again, they will give you seven different websites that you must judge the landing page to determine how well it fits the user’s query (or search intent).  It is important to thoroughly understand the guidelines so you answer these questions correctly.

Tips for passing the Lionbridge exam:

Do not skim the guidelines but instead take the time to read them all the way through.  Take thorough notes as you read them.

I recommend spending the first day or two studying the guidelines, then starting the first part of the test on the second or third day.  You will find out if you pass the first part of the exam by e-mail a few minutes after you finish the test.

Then I recommend spending day 3 studying the guidelines once more and beginning part 2 of the exam on day 4-5.  Once you have found out if you have passed the second part of the exam, spend another day reviewing the guidelines.

Make sure to give yourself ample time to focus on this last part, as it will be the most difficult.  The third and final portion of the test is the part that most applicants tend to fail.  Then on day 6 or 7, begin the last part of the exam.

When you are done with the third part of the exam, you will have to wait until 24 hours after the closing of the 7 day period to get your results.

If you pass the exam, then you will start the onboard process and begin to work.  If you fail the exam, they may give you one more opportunity to re-take the exam.

While this may seem like a difficult process to go through in order to get a job, the flexibility of this position makes it worth it ultimately.  You are able to log in to the portal and work at your own pace, and you can work from home.

There are no phone requirements, and you track your own work time.  It is a great way to earn a part-time income from home, and a fairly easy position.

I am able to work with my kids sitting right next to me, and work throughout the day whenever I find the time.  My time sheet (you must log this on your own) looks something like this: Wednesday: 8:04-8:45 A.M., 9:40-9:45 A.M., 10:52-11:14 A.M., 3:00-3:40 P.M., 9:21-11:00 P.M. So for that day, I would’ve worked a total of 3.45 hours.

Not many jobs give you this kind of flexibility.  I usually work Wednesday-Saturday and take off Sunday-Tuesday.  As long as you have reached the minimum requirement of hours by the end of the work week, you can work whenever you want.

Can I work for similar companies like Appen or Isoftstone at the same time?

Lionbridge does not like you to work for competing companies at the same time as you are working for them.

Similarly, if you have had certain jobs at these other companies in the past, including Leapforce and Zero Chaos (both whom no longer provide these types of jobs as of June 2020), then they may not hire you for certain job positions.

I previously worked for ZeroChaos for a year as an ads quality rater, up until they lost their contract with the vendor.

When I applied to work in a similar role at Lionbridge (Personalized Ads Assessor), they wouldn’t hire me for that role.  But I was able to get hired as a Rater for the company.

Many people have asked me to address which company is the best to work for in this Lionbridge review.

As someone who has worked for ZeroChaos as an ads quality rater, Appen as a social media evaluator, and Lionbridge as a rater; I can say that working for Lionbridge is the best of the three.  It exceeds all of the remaining companies in pay, as well as receiving feedback from the employer on your work.

How do I get started at Lionbridge?

If you are ready to apply after reading this Lionbridge review, then take the following steps:

Go to the Lionbridge website.

Choose which type of position you are interested in.  If you are interested in translating or being an interpreter, click on those.

If you are interested in a position such as ads evaluator, search engine evaluator, rater, social media evaluator, etc., then you would click on the section that says Raters, Annotators and Testers.

lionbridge review

They will have you answer questions about your experience, education, language skills, and location to match you with the Lionbridge jobs that you would be eligible for.  Then if the job you apply for has an evaluation test, questionnaire, or exam, you would complete those before being hired.

Find more jobs like Lionbridge (Lionbridge alternatives).

I hope that my Lionbridge review helped you decide if this is a work-from-home job you would like to pursue.  Good luck!

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Work from Home for Lionbridge

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    1. Absolutely. I had zero experience in this field and worked as a rater for two years. When you are going through the hiring process, you will be given a study guide that explains the guidelines. You will be given time to study this material and then be given a 3 part exam to pass in order to get hired.

      After you are hired, you will routinely get feedback on your work. If you need extra help, they will assign you paid training to complete.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

    1. Depending on what position you get, you may work as an employee (they take out taxes for you) or as an independent contractor (you pay your own taxes).

      As a rater, I worked as an employee and the taxes were taken out for us.

      If you are an independent contractor, you should talk to a CPA about how to file self-employment taxes.

      In the meanwhile, I would recommend that you set aside a portion of what you earn from each paycheck for taxes. Make sure to keep receipts for anything that is related to your job because some business expenses are deductible. (For example, if you need to purchase a laptop).

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  1. I just received an email telling me that my work is under review and it can take up to 7 days and during that time I cannot access the rater Hub. Is this normal? Have I so completely screwed up that I won’t have a job? Any tips on rating you can give? I am upset because I so want to do well and most of all I need the income. I received two checks so far and have really been excited for the extra money as I only have Social security. I love this job for the flexibility and not having to talk to people. I have been overwhelmed at times when just starting out but felt I had a fairly good handle on the material. I continue to go through the guidelines and other reference material. I would appreciate any information and encouragement. Thank you….Cindy

    1. You most likely weren’t meeting their standards for following the guidelines on your recent work. After they review your work, they *usually* will give you training to do, and then you should receive access to the rater hub again in a few days. In the meanwhile, I’d read over the guidelines some more.
      Good luck!

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Is it normal not to have tasks for 7 days or more? There have been plenty of tasks up until the last few weeks. Thank you for answering.

    1. There may be times when there are less tasks available, usually around holidays when more people are home from work. I would recommend joining this forum, Work from Home World, and asking your question under their Telus (Lionbridge) forum. They can also help you find the Facebook group that is for Lionbridge raters, which is very helpful. Whenever I would find that I had no tasks, I could check with one of these two groups to see if it was happening to everyone else, too. Good luck!

    1. Each country and location will have a different pay rate. You will have to apply for the job in the location you are in, and they should tell you the pay rate.

  3. Your post is helpful. I did not pass the first exam for Rater position. Is it possible to reapply or is it a one shot only opportunity?

    1. Sometimes they will let you retake the exam a second time. If that’s the case, they will usually email you and let you know that they are going to give you a second opportunity. You could always reach out to them and ask for a second chance if you don’t hear back from them first.

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