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FREE Debt Tracker Printable to Get Out of Debt Fast

Grab our free debt tracker printable to stay on track with your budget.

Are you working hard to pay off your debt?  Using our free debt tracker printable can help you track your progress for each debt you have.

Keep record of your payments and current balance using this free PDF printable.  Print multiple copies to have one to use for each debt that you are working on, and create a budget binder to keep it in!

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    How to use the debt payoff tracker

    This debt worksheet is so simple to use to keep track of your debt free journey.  You will use one page for each debt that you have.

    For example; if you have 3 credit cards, a mortgage, and a car payment; you should print out 5 copies of the free printable debt payoff worksheet.

    As you make a payment to a debt each month, you fill out the debt worksheet.

    • Write the current date in the first column.
    • Write the starting balance (the current balance before the payment is made) in the second column.
    • Write the payment amount that you are making in the third column.
    • Write the new balance of your debt in the last column.

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    Grab the budget binder!

    This is 84 pages of valuable printables that will help you conquer every aspect of your finances. And the best part it – it’s on sale for only $7!

    Why should I use a debt payoff worksheet?

    Using a debt payoff worksheet will help you keep track of each debt, and will give you the motivation to keep putting money to each debt as you see the balance slowly decrease.

    You may choose to use the debt snowball method, a recommendation by Dave Ramsey, with this debt tracker printable.

    The debt snowball is a motivational way of paying off debt fast.  In this debt payoff method, you pay off your debts in order of the smallest balance to the largest.

    When you are done paying off your smallest debt, you take the monthly amount you were paying towards it and start applying that money towards the next lowest debt you have.

    This turns into a snowball of payments, helping you get out of debt quicker.

    You can also pay off your debt using the debt avalanche method.

    With this method, you pay off your debts with the largest interest rate first.  You will save more money in the long run by using this method, but it may be harder to stay motivated as you won’t see quick wins like you may with the debt snowball.

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    A quick note about our free debt payoff tracker printable

    Our printables are free for personal use only.
    Please do not copy, redistribute, or sell our printables.
    Thank you and enjoy!

    Grab your free debt payoff tracker printable!

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