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Save Money on Disney Plus +

Learn how you can save money on Disney Plus +.

I’m sure by now you have heard of the new streaming service by Disney.  Disney + is finally here, and it’s everything we’ve dreamed of, and more!

Their lineup is fantastic!  They have TV shows and movies by Disney, the Disney channels, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and Marvel.

It’s like a gold mine of television for kids and adults, alike.  We LOVE it!  But, did you know that you could save money on Disney +?

Yes, don’t sign up for Disney + just yet!

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I have wrote about the magic of Rakuten and how much money you can save with Rakuten rebates with them before.  (Perfect for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shopping!  You can earn so much money back for these big holiday expenses!)

To summarize my earlier post, Rakuten is a cash back rebate website.  You can shop directly through their website or download the browser extension, like I have here.

Why is this important and what does it have to do with the magical world of Disney +?

Well, Rakuten is currently running a special for Disney +!  Yep, you can get money back on your subscription!  This will most likely only be for a limited time.

But if you are considering purchasing a monthly or annual plan (or Christmas shopping this year!), you need to start using Rakuten!  (It’s free to join and use).

Once you have grabbed Rakuten, go to the Disney + login page on your browser.

If you have the browser extension, then Rakuten should start blinking red which means there is a promo code, coupon, or cash back offer on a purchase on that website.

Cash back with Rakuten

Disney + offers a free trial, a monthly or annual plan, or you can get the bundle that includes Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN+ (which is what we did!).  If you already have a Hulu subscription, then you purchase your account with the same e-mail that you use for your Hulu account and they adjust your price.

For example, we pay $6.81/month for Hulu, and instead of paying $12.99/month (plus tax) for the bundle, we pay $7.98/month for the part that includes Disney + and ESPN+.

As you see above, if you are going to purchase the annual plan at $69.99/year, you will receive $10 cash back from Rakuten!  If you choose to do the bundle, you will receive $7.50 back.  If you chose the Disney + subscription by itself, then you receive $5.00 cash back!

We purchased the bundle, so we received $7.50 back, as shown below.

Rakuten pays you your cash back balance every 3 months, so as you shop for other things online, the browser will blink if there is any active promo codes, coupons, or cash back offers.

This applies to many stores online including Amazon Prime, Walmart, Target, Hulu, Groupon, and so many more.  If you like to do your shopping through Amazon Prime and don’t use Rakuten, you are leaving money on the table!

So there you have it!  You must get Rakuten and you must get Disney +!  It’s like getting back a little piece of my childhood.  There are movies and TV shows from when I was a pre-teen on there.  I never imagined the streaming service would be THIS good!

Plus, if you download Rakuten through my link here, you get an extra $30 to start.  Then if you are a member and tell your friends about it, and they sign up using your link, you earn $30 for referring them!

Woohoo!  Can’t beat the savings!

I hope I helped you save some money today!  Enjoy and get ready to stay in for a few hours glued to your TV screen.

Are you ready to save money on Disney Plus +?

Save money on Disney Plus with Rakuten

Save money on Disney Plus with Rakuten

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