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50+ Remote Writing Jobs: Get Paid to Write

Get paid to write from home with these remote writing jobs.

Remote writing jobs can be found all over the internet.  You can get paid to write about anything, as long as you follow the editorial submission guidelines.

If you want to earn money from home by writing blog posts without investing in creating your own website, then finding paid writing jobs could be the remote job for you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through my links. This is at no extra cost to you. View our full disclosure here.

Guest posting vs. freelance writing

You might be wondering what is the difference between guest posting and freelance writing.  Many websites allow writers to submit guest posts on their websites.

Most of the time guest posts will be compensated with a backlink back to the writer’s website instead of a payment.

This helps the writer get their work in front of a bigger audience, and if they have their own website, it can give them a backlink which is important for SEO purposes.

If your goal is to earn money through paid writing online, then you would be searching for freelance remote writing jobs.

Freelance remote writing jobs are when you write for a business and they pay you for your writing.

Are you wondering how to get paid for freelance writing?  Keep reading to learn how to start earning money for your writing.

Blogging vs freelance writing

Many people have heard of blogging.  Blogging and freelance writing are two different things.

Freelance writers will write articles, stories, posts, etc. for other businesses and be paid for their work.

Bloggers will have their own website that they write for.  Bloggers will create posts about a specific niche, and use marketing practices such as email marketing, social media promotion, and SEO to get readers to their work.

Bloggers then monetize their work through means such as advertisements, affiliate marketing, product creations, sponsored posts, and more.

Blogging has the potential to earn quite a bit of money once you have a large audience.

Many freelance writers have a blog on the side of their paid writing assignments.

Many freelance writers might also have a blog that showcases their writing.  This allows potential clients to see their writing style and work.

Remote writing jobs: No experience? No problem!

Many companies will pay freelance writers for their work.  You can even find freelance writing jobs with no experience.

As long as you can provide samples of your writing, you are eligible for many paid writing assignments.

If you would like to create your own writing website to showcase your online portfolio, then find out how to start a blog.

I would recommend creating writing samples on this website to showcase the freelance writing topics that you are interested in finding remote work for.

Some writers will have a variety of samples in different fields, but it could be beneficial to choose one topic that you can be considered an expert in to receive more offers for online writing jobs.

Setting up a website for your writing is the perfect way to start finding remote writing jobs for beginners,  It allows your clients to build trust in your writing and be more willing to take a chance on you for their projects.

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Get paid to write online with freelance writing

Once you have written for a few different clients, you can also set up an account with Contently to show your writing.

Contently is a website that allows writers to aggregate all of their online writing jobs in one place.  It can be used once you have completed a few assignments.

How much do online writing jobs pay?

Because there are so many different types of remote writing jobs, the pay for each type will be different.

You have the ability to write many different types of assignments online.  For example: blog posts, articles, how-to guides, news reports, poetry, short stories, science fiction, true stories, jokes, etc.

By searching for remote freelance writing jobs, you can find out the pay for each assignment.  As a beginner, you might accept paid writing jobs that don’t pay as much.

But as you build your portfolio and gain experience, then you can start charging more money for each assignment.

How to get paid to write

You can choose to find a permanent writing job or a freelance writing job.

Most freelance writers are paid via PayPal or a similar method.  Some businesses may opt for direct deposit instead.

Some freelance writers will write one or two pieces for a business, while others may continue to write for the same company.

How and where to find remote writing jobs

Now that you understand what freelance writing pertains, let’s find out how to start freelancing writing.

Here are the many different ways to find full-time or part-time writing jobs:

  1. Job boards such as Indeed, Monster, etc.
  2. Freelance writing website job boards as listed below.
  3. Cold pitching magazine publications, businesses, and other blogs.
  4. Searching Google by using the search term, “Write for us + _____.”  You will enter the topic you want to write about in the blank field.  For example, those wanting to write about personal finance would search for: “Write for us + personal finance.”  Then Google will list personal finance websites that are looking to hire writers.  Make sure the website pays because many websites may only be offering guest posts that don’t earn any money.

Get paid for writing with these freelance writing websites 

These websites have job boards that list a variety of remote writing jobs that are currently available.

If you have been wondering how to get paid for writing, then applying to these freelance writing gigs is a great way to get started.

These are all great places to find writing assignments, as they list businesses that are currently looking for writers.

  1. ProBlogger
  2. LinkedIn
  3. JournalismJobs.com
  4. Blogging Pro
  5. Mediabistro
  6. Freelancer
  7. Freelance Writing
  8. Freelance Writing Jobs
  9. Upwork

Paid online writing jobs: Get paid to write about anything

There are many magazine publications, businesses, news outlets, and blogs that are always on the lookout for freelance writers.

If you prefer to find a freelance writing gig by reaching out to one of these websites that are open to writers, then keep reading below to find some of the best blogs that pay you to write.

The great part about reaching out and writing for a website, is that you can write about anything.  You can write as a freelance writer about multiple topics if you want to.

For example, maybe you want to write about personal finance AND parenting.  Or maybe you know that your local mom website is searching for writers, too.

By pitching multiple submissions, you can earn even more money.  And you can find what niches are profitable as a freelance writer.

If you find that you are earning most of your money in one niche, for example finance and debt; then you can continue to reach out to those type of publications.

Get paid to write articles: Websites that pay you to write

We found some of the highest paying writing sites that are looking for writers to submit articles meeting their editorial guidelines.

Learn the word count requirements and pay rate to decide which jobs sound like a fit for you.


Finance writing jobs

Money Pantry

This website is looking for articles about making and saving money.  They look for articles that have a length of 1,000-2,000 words.

Pay is $30-150 per article depending on the quality.  Pay is delivered via Paypal.

Income Diary

They are looking for articles about social media, making money online, SEO, driving website traffic, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

They pay up to $200 for each article, and are willing to pay up to $500 for an in depth article about keyword research using popular tools such as SemRush or Ahref.

Work at Home Advisor

If you have experience working remotely or you have started your own home business, then you can pitch your article.  They are looking for articles with at least 800 words and will pay $35 per post.

Income Voices

If you know how to make money online and can write about how to do it, then consider writing for Income Voice. They pay up to $100 per article.

The Dollar Stretcher

They are looking for original articles about frugal living and making money from home.  While they accept articles for both their print newsletter and their website, they only will compensate for the articles that get published in the newsletter.

Compensation is at the rate of $.10 per word by check or through Paypal.  They are looking for articles to be 500-700 words.

Elite Personal Finance

Write about topics such as personal finance, business, making and saving money, loans, credit cards, identity theft, etc.

They require your post to be 1,000-3,000 words and will pay $300 for each article.

Freelance Mom

They are looking for personal articles, researched articles, and education based articles on making money, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, etc.

Articles should be between 900-1,500 words and will be compensated $75-$100 through Paypal.


Stories should be 800-12oo words long.  They accept posts about business, entrepreneurship, and finance.

Payment information is not available on their business page but has been said to be $200 per post from other sources.

Doctor of Credit

This website is looking for posts about consumer credit such as bank sign up bonuses, credit sign up bonuses, credit score information, and ways to make money.

They require a minimum of 600 words, and will pay $50 per post or a promotional link at the end of the guest post.

Make a Living Writing

This website will pay $75-150 for contributions.  They are looking for articles about blogging, copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, freelancing, marketing, productivity, social media, writing, etc.

Articles should be 750-1000 words long.

B. Michelle Pippin

They are looking for posts from women entrepreneurs about their experiences in their field, marketing, etc.

Payment will vary from $50-150 and paid on the 1st of the month through Paypal.

Budget 101

They are looking for ghost writers who can write 3 articles per month (1,500-3,000 words each at 2c a word). They provide you with a training video which you must pass, and then you will be given a test article (paid) before being hired.

Leave Debt Behind

This website features articles on finances, such as getting out of debt, how to save money, budgeting tips, how to rebuild your credit, and more.  They are currently hiring writers but you must contact them to get more details about requirements and payment.

Money Crashers

Contributors will write about financial topics such as credit, debt, mortgages, retirement, money management, cryptocurrency. Articles should be 1,000 – 2,000 words long.

They are looking for contract freelancers who want to write on a regular basis, and have a competitive pay rate. Payments are made monthly via PayPal or direct deposit.

laptop notebook for writer remote writing

Get paid to write about parenting

Her View from Home

They are looking for articles that are 600-800 words long about parenting, faith, and family. Pay is based upon number of views each article receives.

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a popular parenting magazine. They are looking for submissions related to parenting and would like articles to be 50-300 words long.

If they accept your article, you can receive $50.

Working Mother

Articles should focus on working mothers and their lifestyle. Articles should be 700 -1,500 words long. They do not mention how much they pay on their website, but they are looking for freelance writers.


Moms.com is a community of moms who share advice on topics such as parenting, kids, marriage, pregnancy, etc.  They are seeking paid contributors to write for their site.

You must apply to their website to be a contributor and tell them why you would be a good fit, as well as what experience you have.

They do not specify a price that they pay for your work.

A Fine Parent

Articles must be 1,500 – 3,000 words long and follow their specific guidelines, which include writing a personal anecdote, proper research and references, and lessons that were learned.

Accepted contributions will be compensated with $75 via PayPal.

Lifestyle writing jobs

Vibrant Life

This lifestyle magazine is looking for articles about health, nutrition, medicine, self help, family, faith, exercise, environmental issues, etc.

Articles should be 450-1,000 words.  Payment can range from $100-300 per article.

Best Pickist

This website features buying guides and tutorials about a wide range of products.  They are looking for informative articles that feature how-to tutorials, product reviews, interviews, round-ups, etc.

Make sure you target long-tail keywords with your pitch idea, and have a minimum of 1,000 words.  They allow you to ask for your fee per 100 words along with your pitch.

Entertainment writing jobs

The Review Geek

This website is looking for writers that can write about video games, films, anime, video games, anime, and Chinese dramas.

You must get in touch with them to find out how much they will pay.  If you have your own website, you can also receive a backlink to your blog on top of the compensation.

Screen Rant

If you want to write about movie, TV, or technology news, then this is a great remote writing job for you.

They don’t specify the guidelines of what they are looking for or the exact pay on their website.  You must apply as a contributor and include a short summary of why you would be a good fit for their company.

TV Source Magazine

TV Source Magazine is looking for writers who can contribute to articles about TV series. Articles will feature castings, summaries, reviews, etc.

They are looking for authors to write about TV series, soap TV programming, as well as reviews of TV shows.

The pay is not listed on their website.  However, if you are hired, you are eligible for the revenue sharing program and many additional perks.

Freelance food writing jobs


This food magazine is looking for contributors who can write about recipes. Pay is $1 per word.

Eating Well

Get paid up to $1 per word for writing articles about clean eating.  They are looking for articles from 150-400 words each.

They want articles about trending healthy foods, as well as interesting foods you’ve encountered while traveling.

Freelance health writing jobs

Healthy Living Magazine

This magazine accepts contributions about a wide range of topics such as beauty, weight loss, anti-aging, health, fitness, fashion, yoga, psychology, parenting, relationships, vacations, etc.

They will contact you in six business days if they decide to publish your article and discuss compensation with you.

Yoga Basics

If you are a yoga teacher or have experience with meditation or yoga, then you could write for Yoga Basics. They are looking for writers who are willing to commit to 1-2 articles each month.

Articles must be 550-700 words long and will be compensated with $30 per article.

Freelance travel writing jobs

Transitions Abroad

This website features articles on travel, traveling on a budget, as well as working, studying, living, and volunteering abroad.

They are looking for in-depth articles from first-hand experiences with traveling.

As of May 2020, they are looking for contributions that place a focus on virtual programs such as virtual volunteering and interning, and remote jobs such as teaching online.

Payment ranges from $75-150 and articles are required to have 1,250 – 3,000+ words.  Payment is in the form of check or via PayPal.

Practical Wanderlust

This travel website is looking for articles with a minimum of 3,000 words.  They pay $300 per blog post (or if you prefer, a backlink to your website).

They receive a high volume of submissions and only accept a few.  If they decide to move forward with your pitch, then you will hear back from their editorial team.

Theme Park Tourist

If you are a theme park enthusiast, then this might be a great opportunity for you. Get paid to write articles about your favorite theme parks.

They are looking for writers who can contribute two articles every month, with 750-1000 words. They will pay $50 for each article at the end of the month.

Get paid to write about the military

Military Families Magazine

If you are a member of the military, a spouse or dependent, or a veteran then this might be a great opportunity for you.

They are looking for stories about your experience with the military, your military base, current news, informative articles, etc.

This publication requires you to include 1-2 links of your published work and to briefly summarize your pitch in two paragraphs.

Accepted contributions will be paid $75-$200.

We are the Mighty

Another military website that is looking for writers.  They do pay their writers but their website does not give the compensation details.

Operation Military Kids

This website aims to inform prospective service members about what it’s like to serve in the military.  They are looking for writers who have served in the US Armed Forces and will pay up to $100 for each article.

Next Gen MilSpouse

This website is looking for articles by military spouses on topics such as entrepreneurship, careers, education, money, self-care, and current events.

They will pay $50 per article.

Military Home Base

This website is looking for military service members or military spouses who can write about the process of PCSing (moving), buying, or selling a house.

If you have this experience, then you can write an article for consideration to pitch.  They will pay $25 for any accepted articles.

Get paid to write about activism

Dame Magazine

Dame Magazine covers topics such as politics, health, cultural trends, science, media, law, LGBTQ, civil rights, and more. Rates range from $150 to $500 depending on what you write.

Remote sports writing jobs

The Sportster

Do you have a passion for sports?  Can you write about all things sports?

Apply to be a contributor to The Sportster.  The pay is not listed on their website, but they do compensate you for your work.

Get paid to write about homeschooling

BA Homeschoolers

This homeschool blog is looking for articles with 500-2,000 words.

They can include a variety of topics on homeschooling such as curriculum choices, reasons for homeschooling, homeschooling on the road, field trip ideas, classroom ideas, state requirements, teaching a specific grade level, etc.

They offer a payment of $50 per article paid via PayPal, as well as a link in your bio to your blog.

Homeschool Life Magazine

This homeschool publication is looking for posts ranging from lesson planning, organization, curriculum reviews, advice, transitions to and from public school, getting started as a homeschool family, home classroom ideas, balancing homeschool with other responsibilities, finding friends in your community, crafts, etc.

They prefer pieces that are 500-2,500 words long.  While they do offer payment, the exact amount will discussed with you if your article gets accepted.

Homeschool World

This homeschool magazine is looking for articles that relate to the challenges of homeschool, with more information about the specific work they are accepting on their page.

They pay $50 per article.

Get paid to write about technology

All Tech Buzz

To qualify to write for All Tech Buzz, you must have at least a Bachelor degree in fields such as English, journalism, business, or another related field. They are looking for writers with one year of experience that can work for 4-8hours a day.

Long-form articles using proper source citation, and including proper SEO practices and extensive research will be written about topics such as technology, SEO, blogging, etc.

You can discuss your salary upon applying.

Rank Pay

If you can write articles about SEO, social media, and other digital marketing tips, then Rank Pay is looking to pay you $50 per article.

They are looking for those who can write 1,000+ words and incorporate data from experts in their work.

Get paid to write about mental health

Anxiety Foundation

Get paid to share any tips about mental health, as well as to write about your own personal experiences.  Articles must be at least 550 words.

You will receive $50 for your article, and can include two links in your blog post, as long as they relate to the article.

Introvert, Dear

Are you a fellow introvert?  Then maybe this mental health writing gig could be for you!

This highly reputable website is looking for writers who can write articles on the topic of being an introvert, according to their guidelines.  They have a variety of writing prompts that will help you find an idea that is suitable for their website content.

The accepted posts must be between 1000 – 1700 words each.  You can choose between getting a backlink to your website, YouTube, social media channel, book, or other personal channel, or a payment of $75 via PayPal.

Christian writing jobs

Today’s Christian Living

This Christian magazine is looking for articles about true stories that can inspire others about their faith. They accept a variety of different pitch ideas, which you can find outlined on their page in detail.

Freelance writers will receive $25 – $150 per article depending on the length of the article and type of feature. Articles can be under 750 words and up to 1,800 words.

Personal development writing jobs

Motivation Magazine

If writing to inspire and empower others is your jam, then finding remote writing jobs in personal development is a great fit for you.

Motivation Magazine is looking for articles, feature stories, interviews, and book reviews. Their pay rate is $40 – $150 depending on what you write.

Get paid to write jokes

Reader’s Digest

Did you create a funny joke or do you have a funny story to tell?  Get paid $25 for your joke or $100 for a funny story.

Reader’s Digest will print your story in their print magazine and post them online.

Get paid to write poetry


Rattle is looking for writers who can contribute poetry. If your poetry is accepted for the print magazine, you will earn $200. For submissions that are published online, you will receive $100.

Get paid to write lists


Listverse pays freelance writers $100 if they can come up with a list about a new and unusual topic.

Payments are made through PayPal.  You should browse their website to get an idea of what they are looking for.

Get paid to write about your life

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul accepts heartwarming true stories that are true and can make the reader feel raw emotions.

They want true stories that are 1200 words or less.

If your story gets chosen to be published, you will be compensated with $200 as well as 10 free copies of the book that your work is in.

Get paid to write about anything


Medium always you to join their partner program to make money writing articles for their website.

Payment is based upon how much time members spend reading your articles, as well as if you refer readings to purchase a membership.

Is freelance writing right for you?

There are many ways to get paid to be a writer.  If you want to make money writing articles for other websites or businesses, then finding remote writing jobs is a perfect work from home opportunity for you.

Which of these remote writing jobs will you get paid to write for?

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