8 Best Jobs That You Can Bring Your Child to Work

A list of flexible jobs that you can bring your child to work

Are you a parent that wants to stay at home with your kids, but that also needs to bring in an income for your family?  Today, we will go over the list of jobs that allow you to bring your child to work.

Do you find yourself thinking, “I need a job where I can take my child near me”?

Many parents have found remote jobs to be the best option to bring in money for their family while staying home with their kids.

With the rising costs of childcare, sometimes it just makes sense to have one parent stay at home because it saves more money in the end.

However, if working from home doesn’t sound like a fit for you, you may want to find a job that allows you to bring your child to work with you.

There are several jobs that you can bring your child to work with you!  Many of them are working in childcare.  But there are other options, as well.

Let’s go over the best jobs that allow kids in the workplace.

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Instacart Shopper – You can either shop in-store for others, or you can choose to do both the shopping and delivery. The great part about being an Instacart shopper is that you can make your own schedule and get paid weekly!

Survey Taker – Take some online surveys in your spare time to create some extra income. This won’t be a full-time opportunity but can generate a little extra cash.

Rover – Pet Sitter – Get paid to play with pets. As a pet sitter, you can set your own schedule and prices. You can offer pet boarding, dog walking, doggy daycare, house sitting, or drop-in visits. And – you get paid two days after you complete your service!

8 Jobs that you can bring your child to work 


When you work as a nanny, you will typically go to someone’s house and watch over their children while they are at work for the day.

You might prepare meals or do light housekeeping, as well.  Some families may just need a caregiver for before and after school.

Many families will allow their nanny to bring their own child with them while they work.  This allows their own child an opportunity to make a friend and have someone to play with.

The best place to find jobs as a nanny or caregiver is through friends or family, or by signing up with a site such as Care.com

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Another great way to bring your kids’ to work is by working at a daycare or nursery.  Many daycares will let you bring your kids with you to work.

Whether you work directly in the childcare center or in a different part of the building, you most likely can have your kids stay with the children who are attending.  This is one of the best jobs to bring your child to work so you can make a little bit of extra cash, and still be with them.

Some schools also will hire childcare workers for before and after school care.  You would be a part-time worker and could make a few hundred dollars a month by just working a few hours a day.


Similar to daycares, you can choose to work in a church child care center.  If childcare isn’t for you, you can consider another role at the church and still bring your child to the child care center on campus while you work.

Churches offer many jobs in fields such as administrative work, technical support, social media marketing, the worship team, youth leadership, and more.  With an on-campus childcare facility, you can work with your children nearby.


Similar to daycares or preschools, many gyms have childcare centers that you can work at.  Whether you work directly in the childcare center as a caregiver, or work in a different role at the gym, you can still bring your kids to work with you.

When you work at a gym facility, you can find jobs such as becoming a receptionist, personal trainer, fitness class instructor, and more.

The great thing about having your kids in the gym or church childcare facilities is that they usually don’t charge you for your kids staying there, as opposed to if you work in a daycare center.

Daycare centers may require you to pay a discounted price to bring your own children to work.

In-home daycare

Running an in-home daycare is a great opportunity to have your kids stay with you while you work.  After obtaining a license through your state, you can open your home to other children to watch.

Running a daycare out of your home is a great way to earn an income from home, while having your kids at work with you.  It allows your kids to also make new friends and socialize.

Typically when you run an in-home daycare, you will be responsible for watching over the kids, preparing meals, teaching them new things, and making sure they take naps (if at that age group).

If you get a good amount of kids enrolled at your daycare, you can make a good income while having your kids stay with you while you work.

In-home daycares will require a state license, so make sure to check your local guidelines for the rules.

School bus driver

If your kids are school-age, then you may be interested in becoming a school bus driver.  School bus drivers work part-time hours and drive children to and from school.

As a school bus driver, you can be with your child on their way to and from school, and make a part-time income without having to rely on any childcare.

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Tinkergarten teacher

Tinkergarten classes are for kids from age 18 months up to 8 years old.  Classes can be formed in local communities, and then the leader gets paid by how many students are signed up.

Tinkergarten takes place with a group of kids who learn through playing outside in nature.  Tinkergarten leaders can enroll their first child at no cost in the class, which makes it a great way to earn some extra cash on the side while being a stay-at-home parent.

Learn how to become a Tinkergarten leader.

School teacher

Becoming a teacher is a great job for a stay-at-home parent, if your kids are school-age.  You could work at the same school as your kids, and will be there for them whenever school is off.

You will have holiday breaks and summers off with your kids, as well.  Working as a school teacher always pays more than working in a childcare center.

Each state will have different requirements in order to earn your education certification, and it does require a four year college degree.

Work from home jobs

The last consideration for parents who want to bring their child to work is to look into work from home jobs.  A few of the best remote jobs for parents at home are the following:


Blogging is a slow burn.  It can take awhile to start earning an income and you have to put a lot of work in without seeing much return for the first few months.

But it can become a great career with the potential to earn thousands a month once your blog gains traffic.  Bloggers earn money through advertisements, affiliate networks, sponsored posts, and by selling products.

Blogging can be done around your children’s schedule, so that you have time to tend to them and work when you get time to yourself.

Learn more about how to start a blog.

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Freelance Writer

If you have a skill for writing, then becoming a freelance writer could be a great opportunity for you.  You can reach out to different websites and businesses, and offer to write articles for them.

When you are a freelancer, you can pick and choose what jobs you want to accept; giving you the flexible schedule you are looking for.

Read more about this career option and find remote writing jobs.


Proofreading can indeed be an excellent job option for a stay-at-home mom, offering a flexible and rewarding way to balance both family responsibilities and personal career aspirations.

Beginning a proofreading business means using your excellent language abilities to carefully go through and fix written materials for things like grammar, punctuation, and style. This makes sure that clients’ documents are accurate and look professional.

Check out this free proofreading webinar to learn more.

Finding jobs that allow you to bring your child to work is possible, however, you may be limited in what positions are available.  Finding reliable work from home jobs, or working when your spouse is home is also a great option to bring in extra income while staying home with your kids.

Have you done one of these jobs that you can bring your child to work to?  Let us know in the comments.


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